Top Questions To Ask Your Reseller Hosting Provider

Top Questions To Ask Your Reseller Hosting Provider

If you want to start your web hosting business and earn extra income, reseller web hosting can be the perfect choice. 

Reseller hosting is when you buy a web hosting plan from a parent hosting provider and then resell those services to your customers under your brand name. However, before making this commitment, you must ask your provider the right questions. 

These questions will help you evaluate the quality of services provided and the efficiency of the hosting provider, including the level of support you want. So, let’s get started. 

Questions to Ask Your Reseller Hosting Provider 

  • Do You Offer Uptime Guarantees? 

Uptime means the time when your website is accessible and available for visitors. If proper uptime is not provided, your clients will become dissatisfied, and they may leave, ultimately leading to a complete loss of income. 

Providing a guarantee in uptime is a promise that the hosting provider makes to make the site available for a particular percentage of time. Always choose a web hosting provider that gives a 99.99% uptime guarantee. 

  • What Support Services Do You Provide? 

Support services in reseller hosting plans help manage and maintain your customers’ websites should they run into any technical problems. 

Look for providers that offer 24/7 customer support via multiple channels – live chat, email, phone calls, etc. As these are necessary for online businesses to operate seamlessly. 

  • What Are the Common Tools and Resources Provided? 

As a reseller hosting provider, you need to offer tools like control panels, website builders, email management tools, etc., as a part of your hosting services. This is because access to good resources and tools is important for maintaining the client’s websites and ensuring smooth operability. 

You can benefit from a better client experience and increased satisfaction if you have the right reseller hosting tools. 

  • What Operating Systems are Provided? 

Generally, in terms of the operating system, there are two options: Linux and Windows. Both are great. But remember that when starting with your reseller web hosting business, you should be completely transparent about the kind of operating system you want to use. 

Generally, for many people, Linux is the default choice, but do not forget about Windows, too, as it has its own set of benefits. 

  • Are white-label products and services offered?

Always look for white-label hosting, as it allows you to resell hosting services under your reseller hosting company’s brand. You need to ensure that the web host’s products do not come with their name or branding on any of the products you plan to resell.  


To conclude, choosing a proper web hosting provider is crucial for ensuring the success of your reseller hosting company

Still, if you have any concerns, go through the above questions you need to ask your hosting provider before getting started. This will help you make an informed decision and choose the right provider for your business.

About the Author: Sammy R. Jones