How to Choose Your Hotel Room Reservation Software

How to Choose Your Hotel Room Reservation Software

If your resort has more than a handful of rooms, the probabilities are that you’ll have observed the shortcomings of the traditional pencil and reservations ebook approach. Sure, it can work, but it is a pain in the neck to erase all the ancient information and enter the new reserving when someone adjustments their mind.

This is where a nicely designed hotel room reservation software program comes into its own. Changing booking small print and many other normal tasks are easy to accomplish and it’s an uncommon member of staff currently who isn’t at least in part computer literate.

So what have you looked for when selecting reservation software for your hotel?

Check it will run on your computer.

This sounds as even though it’s pointing out the obvious however if the PC you’re planning on the use of is too old or, sometimes, too new it can make the distinction between the software working and now not working. If the computer is too old, there may be a good danger you should reflect on consideration on passing it down to your children or grandchildren. If it is too new, just test that there hasn’t been an operating device change that impacts the program.

Check it is easy to use.

You do not want to be spending too lots time getting used to how the software operates. The modern software program should be intuitive to use and you ought to be able to do most duties without resorting to the use of the help file, though there must be help accessible when you need it, mainly for tasks you do not do very often such as altering room prices or including specials.

Check you can set user levels

Whilst you may also trust your receptionists to deal with day-to-day room bookings you likely don’t favor them to be able to alternate room rates or tax rates. And you possibly don’t choose them to have access to touchy information such as occupancy rates, profitability, and so on. The higher software on the market will permit you to set levels for every user of the application so that they don’t stray outdoor their level of responsibility.

Check it produces invoices

One of the joys of the use of a computer is that it ought to be able to lift out the mundane tasks such as printing an invoice. There must be flexible as to what to include and knock out from the printed invoice, establishment details, etc. There ought to also be a preview feature so that if a guest enquires about how a good deal their invoice will be, your reception workforce can look it up on the display screen rather than waste paper and time printing the invoice.

Support ought to be close at hand

Although cutting-edge computer packages rarely want support, it’s comforting to have cellphone and email assist so that if one of your employees manages to do something wrong, you can recover from the trouble quickly and easily.


With expert software such as lodge reservation software, there may be annual aid charges and improve fees. Make sure that you be aware of what is and isn’t blanketed in the price you pay when you first buy a program.

Free trial

Everyone from Microsoft downwards offers free trials on the software program – chances are that you had a trial of Microsoft Office when you closing bought a computer. A free trial lets you check whether or not the program meets your desires without salesman respiration down your neck. The trial should be thoroughly functional and any facts that you enter during the trial ought to be still handy once you buy the software.

About the Author: Sammy R. Jones