Are You Living By Your Life Path Number?

Are You Living By Your Life Path Number?

Your Life Path Number in numerology indicates the abilities and talents you have been born with and the path in life that is most proper to make the most of these.

If you feel there is something now not quite right about the route you are heading in your life, knowing your Life Path Number may shed some mild on why this may be. Even if you believe you are on the proper path, it can be helpful to know why this is.

Firstly you want to work out what your number is. All you need to comprehend to do this is your date of birth. Just add up all these numbers until you reach a single-digit number.

For example, if you had been born on 3rd June 1969 (or 3/6/1969) you would add up 3 + 6 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 9 = 34. Then add these two numbers collectively (3 + 4) to get a Life Path Number of 7, in this case.

Each of these numbers has a very specific meaning, and this will affect your skills and show which areas of life you are in all likelihood to excel in. If you are feeling unsatisfied with your career, look to your Life Path Number to see if this is well-matched with your current direction. It can be very enlightening to realize why you might also not feel as fulfilled as you would like in your modern role.

For example, Sarah was born with Life Path Number 5. She enjoyed exchange and variety in life. She loved to tour whenever she could – the feeling of freedom every time she set off on a new adventure was exciting to her. She felt energized when trying new things, and she wanted to attempt a lot of them!

Unfortunately, Sarah did not feel glad in her job as an accountant. Her family had talked her into accountant training to be part of the family accounting business. Soon after starting there though, Sarah grew to become sadder and sadder and eventually came to dread going to work. She hated the events and the careful management wished in her job and she found the work dull and repetitive. Fortunately, her household understood that accounting was not for her and let her go, changing her with a person with a Life Path of 4 – anyone much more perfect to this role!

Sarah retrained and went on to have a successful and fulfilling profession as a flight attendant, where the variety of vicinity and people she dealt with suited her down to the ground.

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